Light is an illusive subject that many artists try to depict in different ways. It is a poetic concept of light illuminating the darkness to make the unseen seen. This is challenging to portray, but when achieved it is very rewarding to the artist and the viewer. If you have stopped by the Ross Gallery to visit the Annual Juried Student Art Show, you will have noticed photography done by some of our talented students. Highlighted in this post are two photographs “Lustrous Glory” and “Burnout” by Tanner Sebren, who has successfully captured the beauty of natural and artificial light with his lens.

Goose or Teapot?

At glance, it looks like any other ceramic goose, but upon further inspection it is so much more than that. One of the challenges our ceramic students had to face was creating a teapot that was not necessarily the traditional teapot shape. This teapot, titled “Goose” by Timothy Boardman, is striking outcome of that challenge. We will let you all use your imagination in figuring out where the teapot spout is. It is also not the only teapot we have on display in the Ross Gallery so be sure to swing by between classes to admire the hard work of our students!

Metal Magic

Not everyone knows this, but one of the many good things we have going on here in the CPCC art department is our jewelry making class! Done for us here by Tim Huntley, we have the two pieces “Rings” and “Copper Garden”. Both are beautiful examples of how metal can manipulated to create something spectacular.


Here is a very lifelike representation of koi fish swimming in a pond. Brought to us by Mary Hills Powell, she has expertly captured the swirling movement not just of the fish, but also of the water. Oil paints are responsible for the brightly pigmented colors. This coupled with the phenomenal composition makes this piece a recurring favorite for our gallery visitors. When viewed in person, it almost seems as is the fish are ready to jump out of the painting. Come see us in the Ross Gallery to fully appreciate Mary’s work.


You may have heard it said that drawing is the foundation of art. Many artists will say that they never truly see something until they take the time to draw it. We have two drawings by Alex Stamouli hanging in the gallery. One is a charcoal drawing and the other is done in pen and ink. When viewed in person, the lines and contours really stand out. Both are beautifully done, classic examples of the art of drawing.


Random Perfection

If you have visited the Ross Gallery lately, you may have been impressed with the significant number of photography on display this year for the Annual Juried Student Art Show. This photograph “Hairland” by photographer Chris Carelock draws nearly every visitor’s eye sooner or later. Described as a “random moment” by Chris, he managed to capture contrast of light and shadows, perfectly illuminating the lovely young woman in the photograph. As big believers that art is best viewed in person, be sure to stop by and see Chris’s photography and other works done by our talented student artists!

A Walk Through Nature

Hedgehogs and Blue birds are a delight to the eye for most people lucky enough to sight them in nature. Fortunately, for us at the Gallery, we get to see these charming little critters everyday when we come into work . Currently on display now in the Ross Gallery are “Hedgie in a Tree” and “Bird’s Nest” created here on Central Campus by the talented Erin Vice. Be sure to stop by and check out her work as well as the work of other talented student artists!

When Worlds Collide Now Open!

To kick off our Spring Semester, we have the  privilege of hosting the works of three amazing artists in the Ross Gallery. From now until March 14 we have a mix of digital photography (Nancy O. Albert), polaroid photography (Meg Greene Malvasi) and alcohol ink paintings (Leigh B. Williams). These talented ladies have pulled together three very different artistic styles that complement each other nicely. Stop by and check out the show for yourself and we will tell you more!

Ross Gallery Hours (Overcash Building 1st Floor) Monday-Thursday 10:00-2:00 p.m.

The Art Market is Still Going Strong!

The semester might be coming to a close, but we here at the gallery are still keeping the Holiday Market going. Come to the Ross Gallery today to see what we have available. Here is a sneak peak of some unique items we have for sale.

If you’re part of our Visual Arts Club, or you just want a a really cool T-shirt, come and pick one up today!

And while you’re here, “just fork the heck of it” check out these super cool and funky pins by Terry Galante.

Since it is the holiday season, a time when many of us send friends and family greeting cards. Why not, meander over to the next table and peruse our array of gift cards by Nancy Albert and Leigh Williams?

Here are some unique items from Kc Roberge that you are not likely to find in many other places.It is a paw and a mug all in one each one unique and different in design. This is sure to be crowd pleaser.

The Ross Gallery is open Monday-Thursday from 10-4pm from now until the 18th. We hope to see you soon.





Airy Knoll Farm Show Closing Soon!

Like all good things, it is nearly time to say goodbye to the art creations by the Airy Knoll Farm students. We have enjoyed exhibiting their art, and learning about the unique opportunity that Airy Knoll offers to students who desire to go deeper into their creative journey of art. Elizabeth Ross would tell you that each piece has a story, and she is right. We have had the privilege of learning the tales behind the pieces on display and have enjoyed sharing them with our art gallery visitors.

There is still time to come and visit the exhibition! The show is open through Tuesday, December 4th. This year’s Airy Knoll Farm Show also serves as a final salute to our Pease Gallery. Thank you to all who made it possible. It has been amazing!