Free Book Give Away








Don’t forget to stop by the Ross Art Gallery between 11-1pm tomorrow (10/31) to pick up an autographed copy of the coloring book “The Beautiful Book of Exquisite Corpses”. The first 200 students will receive it free of charge. Gavin Edwards, along with some of the artists featured in the book will also be here. See you then!

Tomorrow is also the last day for our MakerSpace. A big thanks to everyone who has participated. It has been a lot of fun! Happy Halloween!


Don Peeler’s Magnified View








Have you ever wondered how a bumblebee feels while going about the business of collecting nectar? You need wonder no longer, as Don Peeler has brought to us the view of our beloved pollinators. These oil on canvas paintings make us look at the iris and hibiscus in a new way. It is common enough to see floral photographs and paintings, but Don invites us inside the flower itself to see a very magnified view of the petals. Our busy bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds certainly have a lovely office to work in.

These are large paintings and their colors will draw you in making you want to pull up a chair and sit for awhile. To get the full experience come by the Pease Gallery Monday-Thursday 10am-2pm. These paintings will be on display until October 4th.

Don is also represented by the Shain Gallery

Isaac Payne’s Take on Light






Accomplished artist, Isaac Payne is fascinated with light and how it never seems to stay the same. Sometimes it may be very bright and cast long shadows on the ground, and other times it may exhibit a more orange look, like during a brilliant sunset. Light is constantly changing and shifting throughout the day, as well as the year. Additionally, light can look different depending on where you are in the world. Isaac grew up on the West coast, and now he resides here in the Carolinas producing and selling works of art and teaching at CPCC.

Currently on display now in the Pease Gallery are two of his pieces. They are partially drawn as well as painted with an emphasis on architecture. It is also important to keep in mind what is seen as well as what is not seen while viewing Isaac’s artwork. If that is not enough, he incorporates elements of photographs that he has taken. They are large, brightly colored renderings of cityscapes. When viewed in person, it is possible to see the the dimensions and depth as well as the individualistic elements, which make them pleasing to the eye. On display now through October 1st!

Tashonda Wright’s Spin on “Time”

Architecture has been a common theme in art throughout the ages. Tashonda Wright has put a new spin on it with her current piece in the Pease Gallery “Time”. With this ink drawing, Tashonda explores the relationship between architecture and humanity. Architecture influences people and people inadvertently influence architecture. “Time” was created during a trip Tashonda took to China with a study abroad program at the China Academy of Art. Each architectural feature seen in the drawing has a special significance to the artist. Tashonda also took advantage of the opportunity to learn Chinese calligraphy and painting techniques while in the program. These elements are used throughout the composition.This is a piece that has many fascinating details embedded in it, and requires much more than a casual glance. Come see it in person and be sure to ask us what the Chinese inscription means!

Julie Smith’s Lunar Inspiration

Julie Smith is a talented jewelry maker. Her approach to making jewelry is to work on perfecting technique and in doing so, she has been able to create some beautiful pieces. It’s a method that seems work very well for her! Julie is inspired by the cycles of the moon which, is clearly seen here.  These two jewelry items are on display right now in the Pease Gallery. Julie uses a variety of materials to make her jewelry. The bracelet is made from brass, copper and sterling silver while the ring is crafted with copper, sterling silver and labradorite stone. Looking at the pictures below is not as good as seeing these two items in person, so be sure to stop in soon at the Pease Gallery.

Here’s Something Special from Carolyn Jacobs

These unique and creative artworks by Carolyn Jacobs are on display right now in the Pease Art Gallery. At first glance, you may think it is just another abstract painting, but it is much more than that. Ms. Jacobs is inspired by the effects mankind can have on nature. These pieces are taken from google earth images of a strip mines in Kentucky, where Ms. Jacobs grew up. All of the black seen here is made from coal collected at the strip mine. Next, the coal is ground up and mixed with cold wax creating a stunning textural effect that makes these works of art a must see in person. Stop by Pease to check them out!

Al Torres’ Image Shifting Magic

What is going on in this painting from design instructor Al Torres? Something really cool that is best seen in person! Torres creates his paintings using lenticular design. That means that as the painting is viewed from different perspectives, the image changes! This piece titled “Self Portrait/ Hope” will be on view as part of Past & Present, an exhibition of current Art faculty and their former students/CPCC alumni. Past & Present will remain on view in Pease Gallery on Central Campus through October 3.  Come by and see the magic for yourself! This is something you have got to see in person!