Two New Exhibits for Spring 2020!

Welcome back everyone to Spring Semester 2020! To kick off the new year and the start of the semester, we have two new exhibitions. In the Ross Gallery we are exhibiting I Am My Things and My Things Are Me by Allison Tierney. If you are interested in repurposed objects and found materials as art, then this is the show for you. She incorporates a lot of bright colors and patterns into her art as well.


In the Overcash Gallery we have Structure and Void by Richard Elaver. He is specializing in the 3D printing and laser cut objects for his art. The technological aspect of his work is fascinating plus the geometric shapes are very eye pleasing. There might even be a hands on element to his show. Stop by and find out more!

Both Galleries are located on the first floor of Overcash Center next to the Halton Theater.

The Art Gallery is open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.