Out and Around Town

Reuben Bloom is one of our currently exhibiting artists in the Shift exhibition. His photography has sparked a lot of interest. Reuben’s creative compositions and subject matter have been a source of fascinating discourse. Here are a few shots of Reuben at work. Reuben’s creative process, he says, is to take his camera and walk around town (especially areas undergoing new development) looking for interesting items to photograph. This can be anything from a piece of plastic caught on a fence to an Independence sign stuffed into a shopping cart. There is a lot going on in his mind while he is working. Reuben is not only interested in photography compositionally, but also, he is intrigued by what is not readily visible.  He asks himself, “How did this get here?”, “Why was it left like this?”, “What is the story behind this?”. These questions and more we have been trying to answer in the gallery with our visitors. Make sure to stop by the Ross and Overcash Galleries to see Reuben’s photography!

Do not miss Reuben’s Artist Lecture! Thursday, September 26 at 10 a.m. in Tate Hall

Photo Credit: Logan Cyrus