Shaun Cassidy covers “Carolina Arts”

Shaun Cassidy, featured artist in Ross Gallery during Sensoria

Upcoming Sensoria artist, Shaun Cassidy, is featured on the cover of this month’s edition of “Carolina Arts!”  Sensoria is CPCC’s week long celebration of the arts April 10-18, 2015. More info at

“Shaun Cassidy: The Sound of Everything”  opens March 16 and continues through July 14.

“In this new body of work, Cassidy will create sculptural equivalents of the emotional and associative resonances of specific musical sounds. Each work, through its form, composition, stance and color, attempts to capture specific nonverbal feelings. This exhibition will consist of eight steel, powder-coated sculptures ranging in size, shape and color. British born artist Shaun Cassidy has been making work in the US since 1991. He studied sculpture in England and Canada and worked as a studio assistant for Sir Anthony Caro in London. His work spans a diverse range of materials, processes and ideas and has been featured in ‘Sculpture Magazine,’ ‘Art in America’ and ‘The Wall Street Journal.'” 

Gallery Hours: Mon.-Thur., 10am-2pm