Pop-Up Exhibition: New Geographic One

We’re happy to announce our first ever pop-up exhibition, “New Geographic One,” which will take place in Pease Gallery January 14 – 20, with a reception to coincide with the Adrian Rhodes reception in Ross, January 15, 5-7 p.m.

 New Geographic One

Designers Dan Romanoski and Eric Hurtgen explore the intersection of physical and digital space through the medium of animated GIFs. The inherent abstraction of imaging the physical world is accentuated by the action of the endless loop. Mathematically modeled filters systematically destruct these images frame by frame according to preset functions, only to be reconstructed again in a seemingly eternal configuration.

Eric: http://newgeographic.tumblr.com/post/100516115166

Dan: http://newgeographic.tumblr.com/post/102396223486