Friends & Family Spotlight: Photography

As we show work in Ross and Pease Galleries through the year, we are always excited about the ways different the different media we show manifest itself. Photography is one such example, where one instrument can create vastly different results. In the Market, we are showcasing wet-plate collodion prints, digital photographs, wood-printed photographs, and even photographs sewn into leaves. Get to know our artists below!

The Market runs through December 18, open weekdays 9-5 p.m. and Saturdays 12-6 p.m.

Aspen Hochhalter
Artist Statement: My work explores the crossover between digital technology and historic photographic process.
Connection to CPCC: Showed in “Objects in Perspective” in Pease Gallery, Fall 2014.
Donation to: Visual Art Club

Matthew Brien
Artist Statement: While photographing in Rome I have explored the power of the moment to shine light into an individual’s life, their connection with the rest of humanity, and the vast unknown that surrounds the billions and billions of people on earth.
Connection to CPCC: Former student and volunteer.
Donation to: Visual Arts Club

Amy Herman
Artist Statement: These images were appropriated from a family album purchased second hand, they follow the adventures of Sigrid, a German exchange student, visiting a Michigan family in the summer of 1970.
Connection to CPCC: Photography Teacher
Donation to: Visual Arts Club

Laurie Schorr
Artist Statement: Having moved to Charlotte from New York, I was inspired by the magnolia leaves, which appeared strong and shaped like a ship to me, and began a series on journeys from homes.
Connection to CPCC:I adore the classes offered and often attend the top notch art exhibitions!
Donation to: Visual Arts Club

Kyle Worthy
Artist Statement: These select printing proofs are from my current project, A Way To Return which is a series about visual memory and the unexpected, inward journey home. 
Connection to CPCC: Solo Exhibition, “Anyone’s Ghost” in Ross Gallery II, Summer 2014
Donation to: Visual Arts Club