‘Past Perfect’ in the Charlotte Observer

Late last week, a short review of Kirsten Tradowsky’s solo show in Pease Gallery was highlighted by arts writer Barbara Schrieber in the Charlotte Observer’s monthly gallery round-up. See below:

‘Past Perfect’

San Francisco artist Kirsten Tradowsky makes paintings of items found on Craigslist – tender, earnest depictions of objects that once were valued but are now forsaken, their owners bored with them, dead or in need of money. Together, these paintings of dishes, puzzles, recreation equipment and other objects constitute a catalog of abandoned dreams.

The centerpiece of the show is “Reunion.” In this mirror-image diptych, crystal swan candy dishes, decorative boxes, pitchers and other sentimental doodads are arrayed on a table in a way that resembles a display of wedding gifts. But this coming together is really a taking apart, a final gathering of once-cherished items that will be dispersed forever.

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The show is on view through July 3.