Student Show Awards and Reception

Thanks to everyone who came to the student show reception last Thursday night. It was quite a party, with more than 250 attendees! The celebration was proof of both the number of successful students in the CPCC program and how many people support them.

A special thanks to Richard Zollinger, Vice President for Learning and Workforce Development, for handing out awards, as well as Cato Campus Dean, Janet Malkemes, and Levine Campus Dean, Edith McElroy, for announcing awards on behalf of their respective campuses.

A list of awards is below, followed by a few images of the reception and Award Ceremony. Congratulations to the many talented Visual Arts students here at CPCC!

2014 Annual Juried Student Show Awards

First Place
Monty Montague, Carnal Cosmos, $300

Second Place
Chris Sirico, Self Portrait, $200

Third Place
Hnin Nie, The Nest, $100

Arzberger Purchase Award
Matthew Brien, Surface Tension
Heather Geiser, The Multitasker
Caroline Kerrigan, Blue Mother
Denetra Rodriguez, Just Beyond My Site

John White Photo Award
Lauren Isaacs, Float, $250

Presidential Purchase Award
Suzanne Mellichamp, Magnolia

Student Life Purchase Award
Jeremy Boseman, Golden Cup 7
Catalina Duarte, Tribute to Margaret 2 & 3
Anthony Whidbee, Landscape

Cato Campus Purchase Award
Anderson Carman, Salsa
Eva Rizzardi, Black Capped Chickadee
Phillip Thomas, Light No. 1
Kathleen Tomlinson, Copper and Garlic

Student Success Purchase Award
Eric Wagner, The Bridge
Fred Vohwinkel, Cut Star Bowl

Levine Campus Purchase Award
Chase Currie, Untitled 3
Karen V. Jones, Autumn Glory

Central Campus Purchase Awards
Hnin Nie, The Nest, Fantasy, and Distant
Rebecca Buchanan, Fire Pit Mornings and Kat and Cow Skull
Carol Connaughton, In the Flow
Catalina Duarte, Untitled
Haris Vahabovic, Seated Figure Study
Maritza Brunetto, Vase With Flowers
David Clark, Shino Jar and White Lidded Jar
Lauren Isaacs, Float, Only Time, and Silver Mark
Cambey Gallagher, Summer Hike

Nutcracker Awards
First Place, for Gamer Nutcracker: Camilla Middleton and Latoy R. Burch
Second Place, for Camo Nutracker: Trevor Metz and Husnia Ayar

Pearson Publishing Textbook Cover Award, Decided collectively by CPCC Art Appreciation Teachers, to be published on the cover of the Art Appreciation textbook.
Nick DeMarsico, Abstract, $250