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U.S. Government Websites Impacted By the Federal Government Shutdown

As of October 1, 2013, the federal government is experiencing a partial shutdown. Due to this shutdown, a number of useful government websites will be unavailable entirely until the shutdown ends.

The following sites are no longer available, as of this writing. This list may not be complete:

A large number of government sites are still up and running, but are displaying the following message:

“Due to the lapse in government funding, only web sites supporting excepted functions will be updated unless otherwise funded. As a result, the information on this website may not be up to date, the transactions submitted via the website may not be processed, and the agency may not be able to respond to inquiries until appropriations are enacted.”

The following sites are not currently being regularly updated. If the government shutdown continues for a prolonged amount of time, the following websites (among others) could eventually contain outdated information. This list is not complete.

Keep in mind that the government shutdown only affects FEDERAL (United States) government websites. All state websites, including North Carolina sites, are not directly impacted by the shutdown.

For updates regarding government operating status and resumption of normal operations check out

New Resources: VAST Academic Video Online and Ambrose Video

Need a video clip to add to your class presentation? CPCC Libraries have recently acquired access to two new video resources that can help!

VAST: Academic Video Online is a large multidisciplinary database of searchable streaming video. Subject areas covered include art, architecture, business, counseling and therapy, dance, economics, education, ethnic studies, ethnography, gay and lesbian studies, health, history, humanities, language and literature, opera, philosophy, political science, rehabilitation and sports medicine, psychology, religion, science, theater, musical performance, women’s studies, and more. Documentaries, interviews, performances, news programs and news reels, field recordings, commercials, and raw footage are among the video formats provided.

Ambrose Video has a collection of more than 1200 video clips and full programs, including 37 BBC Shakespeare Plays. Subject areas covered include economics, fine arts, history, literature, medicine, philosophy, political science, science and social studies.

Any questions or feedback about these resources? Please feel free to contact Doug Short at

New Resources – NewsBank and RAND State Statistics

CPCC Libraries now has access to two new resources: RAND State Statistics and NewsBank.

RAND State Statistics

Need to find out if crimes are on the rise or decline in a specific state or county?  Interested in seeing what programs your tax money is spent on in your hometown?  Want to know about the employment outlook for your career field?  All of these questions and more can be answered by the RAND State Statistics database.  RAND State Statistics contains nearly 80 databases that cover a wide range of categories: business and economics, community, education, energy and environment, government finance, health and population


NewsBank provides access to thousands of newspapers, both nationally and worldwide.  In particular, it provides access to several local newspapers: The Charlotte Observer, The Charlotte Post and The Mecklenburg Times. NewsBank is a perfect source for conducting research on local or state issues.

These resources may be accessed by clicking the highlighted links above or from the Research Databases section of the library website.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Ever wanted to learn to talk like a pirate?  Well, you’re in luck!  September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  And to celebrate the day the way it was meant to be celebrated, Mango Languages offers a language course in Pirate!

Follow these five easy steps to get started speaking Pirate:

  • Go to Mango Languages (if you’re off-campus, you will need to log-in with your CPCC Login at this point)
  • Create an account or simply log-in, if you already have one. (This account is different from your CPCC Login.)
  • After logging in, select Courses from the menu.
  • Choose Pirate from the menu listing of languages.
  • Click Launch to begin learning Pirate!

(And remember, once International Talk Like a Pirate Day is over, you can still use Mango Languages to learn a new language, such as French or Spanish.)

Also, in order to celebrate the day in style, why not check out some of the pirate-related booty that the library has to offer?

Piracy: The Complete History

Under the Black Flag: The Romance and the Reality of Life Among the Pirates

Pirates of the Caribbean Movies

Treasure Island

Jean Laffite: Prince of Pirates

The Pirates of Colonial North Carolina

Blackbeard and Other Pirates of the Atlantic Coast

And did you know that you can change your Facebook page to read in Pirate?

To turn your Facebook feed into Pirate, click on “Account Settings” in the upper right navigation bar, then click on “Languages > Edit,” and scroll down to “English (Pirate) – and your Facebook page is translated into Pirate!

Finally, Mango Pirate is also available to library patrons via the Mango Mobile Library Edition smartphone apps.



New Look and New Resources!

The library’s homepage has a new look.  Swing by to check it out!  And while you’re there, have a look at a few of our newest resources:

Find It! at CPCC Libraries

Find It! at CPCC Libraries is a new library discovery tool that enables you to search and find materials in the library catalog and many of the databases at the same time. Find It! at CPCC Libraries is powered by EBSCO Discovery Service.


EasyBib is an intuitive information literacy platform that provides citation, note taking, and research tools that are easy-to-use and educational. EasyBib is not only accurate, fast, and comprehensive, but helps educators teach and students learn how to become effective and organized researchers.  CPCC Libraries’ premium subscription provides access to works cited and bibliography formatting for MLA, APA and Chicago/Turabian citation styles.

Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center

Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center features authori­tative, comprehensive content on careers and jobs.  Ferguson’s is broken down into three main sections: Job and Industry Profiles, Job-Hunting and Workplace Skills, and Career and Industry Resources.   It also includes profiles of over 4,000 undergraduate schools, as well as a career interest assessment.

Please feel free to contact Doug Short with any questions or feedback about these resources.