Resource of the Month: Mango Languages

The Central Piedmont Library’s featured resource of the month for July is Mango Languages.  Mango is an online language learning system that teaches real conversation skills for practical communication.

Mango contains learning modules for over 60 different languages. It covers well known languages, such as French, Spanish, and German, as well as lesser known languages, such as Dzongkha (the national language of Bhutan), Telugo (one of the many languages spoken in India), and Dari (a variation of Farsi spoken in Afghanistan). You can even learn to speak Pirate or Shakespearean English!

Check out this resource today to see what it might have to offer you! Mango Languages may be accessed here or from the Research Databases section of the library website.

If you have any questions about the use of this database, please feel free to contact Doug Short.