Got Library Fines? Get Forgiven!

Starting Monday, November 14th through the end of November, the CPCC Libraries will be offering fine free forgiveness days. During this period, fines accrued from overdue items will be forgiven at all campus libraries.

How does this deal work?

  1. Return overdue library materials to any CPCC library along with donations of personal care products (see list below), and your fine will be waived.
  2. This can also apply for each previously returned overdue item in order to have your unpaid fines waived.
  3. All materials must be returned in good condition. This deal excludes replacement fees for lost and damaged materials.

Donations from students, faculty and staff without current fines or overdue materials are also welcomed.  All items collected will be donated to the Shelter for Battered Women charitable organization.  Donations accepted are:

Automatic dishwasher soap

Body lotion

Bar soap

Liquid laundry/dish detergent


Quart/gallon zip-lock bags


Shower gel/body wash

Tooth pastes/brushes