Oxford Language Dictionaries Online

CPCC students and faculty have trial access to Oxford Language Dictionaries Online through November 13. The library is considering purchasing this resource. Take a few moments to try it out and let us know what you think! Send any feed back to Kimberley Balcos (kimberley.balcos@cpcc.edu).

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online offers bilingual dictionaries in 6 languages.

  • Chinese / English
  • French / English
  • German / English
  • Italian / English
  • Russian / English
  • Spanish / English

Some features include:

  • Comprehensive, accurate, and authoritative definitions
  • Listen to Pronunciations
  • Contextual clues to help you pick the right word or phrase
  • Click on any word in an entry to look it up
  • Correspondence templates including sample letters, emails, and CVs and résumés