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Welcome CPCC Students!  It’s time to sharpen your essential skills and give yourself the competitive edge in higher education, employment and life!

CPCC has identified 4 Core Competencies that are critical to student success, they are Communication, Critical Thinking, IT & Quantitative Literacy and Personal Growth & Responsibility. These competencies can be developed anywhere and opportunities arise on a daily basis to practice these skills. It’s helpful to begin by assessing your competency levels so you know what area’s you need to work on.  Visit the individual Core4 pages for suggestions and tips on how you can assess, develop and express your core competency skills. See the monthly  “HIGHLIGHT” section below for some of the unique opportunities offered right here at CPCC.

Do you want to see how you can strengthen your Core4?  Check out these interesting programs, classes, and activities that will lead you to mastering the Core4 competencies.

CORE4 HIGHLIGHT: Simulation Game Development!Critical Thinking, IT & Quantitative Literacy, Communication and Personal Growth & Responsibility are all covered in this program.

SGD210 – 3D Data Capture , Levine Building, Central Campus
Interested?    Check out some of the following courses.SGD 112. Simulation and Game Development Design. This course introduces the fundamentals of simulation and game design. Topics include industry standards and design elements for simulation and games. Upon completion, students should be able to design simple simulations and/or games.SGD 113. Simulation and Game Development Programming. This course introduces the fundamentals of programming languages and tools employed in simulation and game development. Emphasis is placed on programming concepts used to create simulations and games. Upon completion, students should be able to program simple games and/or simulations.SGD 114. 3D Modeling. This course introduces the tools required to create three-dimensional (3D) models. Emphasis is placed on exploring tools used to create 3D models. Upon completion, students should be able to create and animate 3D models using 3D modeling tools.
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