Dr. Deitemeyer to visit College Senate today

Dr. Kandi Deitemeyer began her presidency at CPCC on January 2, 2017 and will visit College Senate on January 17 at 2:30pm.  All College faculty and staff are invited to attend this working session in HE 4510.

CPCC President Dr. Kandi Deitemeyer

CPCC President Dr. Kandi Deitemeyer

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Quorum Quandary


If you are unable to attend our regular Senate meetings at 2:30 on the third Tuesday of the month, please take the time to designate a proxy, and ask someone to attend in your stead. Meetings are held in HE4510.

Why is this important?

A quorum is the minimum number of members of an assembly or society that must be present at any of its meetings to make the proceedings of that meeting valid.  If we don’t have a quorum, we can’t vote on recommendations, etc.

Your voice and your presence is vitally important! We need two-thirds of current senators to attend meetings in order to have a quorum, and that is not happening presently.

If you do not wish to be a senator or do not have time to be one, please contact your supervisor so that arrangements can be made for someone else to take your place. If you are a senator, please make every effort to attend Senate meetings in the future.

Thank you,
Carolyn Jacobs

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Employee Recognition Nominations due by November 16

Shortly before his retirement, Dr. Hagemeyer established an Employee Recognition Committee and commissioned it to develop a program for acknowledging outstanding job performance by Central Piedmont Community College employees. The program was put into effect in July of 1987 and is financially supported by the CPCC Foundation.

Do you know someone who is doing a great job and deserves some recognition? Here is your opportunity to recognize them!

All nomination forms are availble through the PD website: https://www.cpcc.edu/pd/emp_recognition_awards

Specific individual forms are:

Employee Recognition Award – honors long service and commends exemplary performance of professional and occupational duties.
Awards are granted for each of these four classifications:

– Administrator/Professional Staff
– Classified Staff
– Instructor
– Part-time Faculty/Staff

Click here to access online nomination form.

Innovation of the Year – presented by the League for Innovation, recognizes a significant innovation designed and implemented by CPCC faculty/staff.
The Employee Recognition committee selects one nomination which is forwarded to college administration for approval, then to the League for Innovation for the national competition.
Click here to access online nomination form.

Entrepreneur of the Year – provides recognition for identifying and implementing entrepreneurial activities at the College.
Click here to access online nomination form.


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