Join Us at College Senate in 2020–21

Want to learn more about changes and discussions happening at the college? Want to be part of the conversation? College Senate is here to represent you and is your forum to voice your concerns, ideas, and questions. Take advantage of this resource — please join us at College Senate meetings. In addition to updates and an open discussion forum, we have a guest speaker, such as Cabinet members, at each meeting to discuss procedures and policies, college updates, and to take questions.

College Senate meetings are held every third Tuesday of the month at 2:30 p.m., this year via Webex. Our first meeting is Tuesday, August 18. We invite all faculty, professional, and classified staff members to attend our meetings and to encourage their colleagues to attend — you do not have to be a senator. You can find the Webex links for all of the 2020–21 meetings on the College Senate website. If you would like to have the calendar invite for senate meetings forwarded to you so that you can add it to your calendar, please email

Our guest speaker at our August 18 meeting is Dr. Chris Cathcart, our new Vice President for Student Affairs. He will introduce himself, discuss Student Affairs services during coronavirus (COVID-19), and take questions. Please submit questions for Dr. Cathcart in advance and encourage your colleagues to do the same.

To learn more about College Senate:

We look forward to serving and working with you this year.


Contact College Senate President Owen Sutkowski at, email, or use the College Senate feedback form if you have any questions or concerns about senate.

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