2020–21 College Senate President-Elect Candidates – Updated

Elections for the 2020–21 College Senate president-elect are this month. The successful candidate will serve as College Senate president for the 2021–22 academic year (and as president-elect for 2020–21). The College Senate president represents faculty and professional staff on numerous committees, college functions, and deliberations.

Election Update

On April 13, Dr. Farhad Javidi withdrew his candidacy for president-elect and endorsed fellow candidate Jennifer Perkins with the following statement:

Serving in the Senate this year and working closely with Jennifer on the executive board, I have had many opportunities to get to know Jennifer and to observe her leadership style and work ethic. I believe Jennifer is doing a great job and would like to see her have another term, following Owen’s, to continue making progress on the initiatives she and Owen have begun. Therefore, I am taking my hat out of the ring and endorsing Jennifer for president. Working closely with Jennifer this year, I have learned a lot about effective leadership. I have no doubt that she is committed to the One College philosophy, transparency, accountability and putting students at the center of everything we do.

Although we now only have one candidate, there will still be an election as the senate constitution has established for each election year. A link for faculty and professional staff to vote will be available from Monday, April 27 through Friday, May 1. Faculty is defined as full-time instructors who are not part of administration. Professional staff is defined as full-time, exempt, college employees who are not faculty, administration, or classified staff.

April College Senate Meeting

Now that there is only one candidate, we will no longer be holding a candidate forum. However, we always encourage all faculty and professional staff members to attend College Senate meetings (you don’t have to be senator). This month’s College Senate meeting will be held via Webex on Tuesday, April 21 at 2:30 p.m.; Vice President of Academic Affairs Heather Hill will be our guest speaker and will address some of the pertinent issues on everyone’s mind. We will also have committee reports and an open discussions forum. Please provide any questions or concerns you may have for the open discussions forum by 9 a.m. on Monday, April 20.

Candidate: Jennifer Perkins, M.Ed.

headshot of Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins

Candidate Video

Jennifer Perkins president-elect candidate video

Candidate Bio

I am in my 16th year at Central Piedmont Community College, and I say it proudly because I love to tell people in my social circles, in my community, and to strangers whom I work for and what I do. I am a teacher at Central Piedmont, and making a difference in this world through what I do. I love the idea that we are transforming lives daily, and I am lucky enough to do this in the classroom. I have been an ACA faculty member for the past 15 years, first as an adjunct instructor and then as a full-time faculty member in 2010. To start my career, I taught developmental English courses and then ACA courses, student success courses. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with other faculty and professional staff through our work on Achieving the Dream, College Senate, Strategic Planning, Student Intake, Scholarship, Faculty Development, Transition Team in both Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, ITS, and the new Center for Teaching and Learning. If you ask if I am invested in this college, our students, our faculty and staff, the answer would be “absolutely!” That is evident by my involvement, my purpose, and my voice

As a graduate of UNC Charlotte and Queens University of Charlotte, I have strong ties to the community, and as a current parent of a Central Piedmont student, I am heavily invested in the future of our community and our community college. My story is forever changing and continuing and with my past and current leadership in the College Senate, and running for College Senate president-elect seems like the next step in my journey at the college.

Candidate Statement

When this decision was made to run again, it was during a time of crisis. We are in the throes of unprecedented times and measures. When I left my office on March 13 after three back-to-back meetings, I had no idea at that time that I would not be back to my office. It makes me sad to think of buildings and classrooms being empty in the middle of the spring semester, when the campuses should be packed with students, faculty, and staff. There should be the hustle and bustle of our students finding classrooms and computer labs and a place to study, and instead all that hustle and bustle is being done in peoples’ homes and in newly made home offices, and our students are home working on their beds or at the dining room table or possibly in their cars. There is so much that has changed in everybody’s lives, and it is scary. So, my candidate statement is simple: I still feel the need to finish what has been started this year as president of the College Senate and to continue working collaboratively with all areas of the college through the leadership of College Senate over the next two years.

The College Senate has been a voice for students, faculty, and staff. From working with students through the Student Welfare Committee, and then to advocating for a course schedule that is fair and equitable access for all. For our faculty, we made suggestions for the new faculty Individual Development Plan (IDP) that were brought forth by the Faculty Welfare Committee and College Senate right to the vice president of academic affairs. For professional staff, we have hosted two informative forums in the fall and the spring thanks to the Professional Staff Welfare Committee. We saw academic policy change regarding grade submission through the steadfast work of our Academic Policies Committee. Over the course of the year, we, the leaders of College Senate and members of College Senate, have been called on to be a part of the vice president of Academic Affairs hiring committee, both Transition Teams, C.R.O.C.S. team, Student Success Leadership Team, Required Advising Action Team, Strategic Planning Committee, Student Intake Committee, Guided Pathways, Vice President of Student Affairs hiring committee, Academic Affairs Reorganization team, ITS Leadership Council, and all the Senate Executive Committees. We have had a footprint in all different areas of the college, and we are breaking down silos.

I would like to finish what was started this year and run for College Senate president-elect and continue to make positive changes at the college in the next two years. The collaboration that I have had with the current president-elect is respectful, encouraging, and dynamic. I will support his role as president and work to help him be the best leader possible. I will continue to keep the doors of partnership open between each of the vice presidents and their areas of the college as well as the dialogues we have with the president and vice president of academic affairs. We want to continue these partnerships and make cultural change for the betterment of our college. I would embrace the opportunity to serve again.

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