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Happy New Year and welcome back! It is hard to believe we are halfway through our academic year, and with all the changes, we have been busy as a senate! This new year, we as a college welcome the new Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Heather Hill. As most of you know, there was a rigorous search to fill this vacancy, and after months of searching and interviewing and holding open forums, we selected the best candidate who will be an effective leader here at CP. We will have an opportunity to welcome Dr. Hill and get to know her a little better at our February senate meeting on February 18th at 2:30 PM in HE 4510 on the Central campus, so mark your calendars to spend time getting to know our new VP at this session of senate.

In January, we will have several guest speakers: Mark Short, Chief Human Resources Officer, Reid Beaver, Director of Employee Relations, and Debbie Lord, Director of Talent Management. Once again, as a senate, we have the opportunity to hear from different areas of the college in person and learn more about these areas, learn about updates pertaining to these areas, and ask questions as it relates to these areas. Mark, Reid, and Debbie will share more about the new area of Talent Development and what this means. They will also be discussing the upcoming changes to the professional development plans for staff and faculty, so do not miss the chance to hear the information firsthand and ask the pertinent questions that you or your colleagues may have. Dr. Tracie Clark was originally scheduled to visit in January, and unfortunately, she had to reschedule her visit. We will do so as quickly as possible and make that announcement at our next Senate meeting.

On a personal note, I do not necessarily always take the opportunity to create new year’s resolutions for myself, but professionally, I have decided to take one on that is challenging yet appropriate for the current state of affairs here at Central Piedmont. I have challenged myself to make our Senate meetings based around our strategic plan and our first and most important goal, creating a unified and focused vision for student success. The college senate provides representation for Faculty and Professional Staff regarding current and future items that affect our college community. We have the ability to transform the lives of our students on a daily basis, and at times, I do think we may lose this sight of that in some of our conversations. So it is my resolution, my mission, to make our senate meetings center on that goal. I believe we are all here for the right reasons, and at times, we need to recenter our focus as it some times can be sidetracked by policies and procedures, and we lose sight of the needs of students, faculty and staff. So for the rest of this year, I will shift my intent in our meetings to remind myself and the senate body why we are here and to keep our conversations centered on student success. Thank you again for your continued dedication and hard work as senators. It is greatly appreciated!

Take care,

Jennifer Perkins

College Senate President

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