Fall 2019 Recap

It is hard to believe we are almost through the fall semester, and  as we come to the end of this term, I wanted to take time to recap all the work the College Senate has done this year. Each month that we have met, we have had a nearly full Senate. The attendance and participation has been incredible and continues to grow with each passing month. In August, we welcomed nearly 30 new Senators, and by September 100% of our Senators were assigned to Senate committees. And as leadership does sometimes change, we added six new committee chairs to the executive committees: Farhad Javidi, Tommy O’Neil, Charley Starnes, Danielle Hensley, Savannah Rhead, and Amy Bagwell, and we have a new Parliamentarian, Lauren Estes. Thank you to all of those who have stepped up into these leadership roles.

This year, I made it a goal to bring in a Vice President from Cabinet to each Senate meeting to give updates relevant to their area of the college, and thus far, we have had some outstanding dialogues with these representatives. Dr. Kevin McCarthy, the Vice President for Institutional Advancement and the interim Vice President of Academic Affairs, welcomed the Senators back at our inaugural meeting in August. In September, we welcomed David Kim, the Vice President of Information Technology & Research Services and Chief Information Officer to hold court and update the Senate on current ITS initiatives, projects, and plans. Then, in October, we hosted Jeff Lowrance, the Vice President of Communications, Marketing and Public Relations who gave us a detailed update on the ongoing marketing campaign as we embrace the new logo and motto, Conquer Possibilities. We have also had a several guests who have kept us informed and aware of ongoing initiatives and changes at the college. We welcomed Rhonda Satchell, the Program Coordinator for the emergency management team who showed us a video from EMT as well as answered questions. Dr. Shantell Strickland-Davis came twice to Senate to discuss the North Carolina Community College Faculty Association, information on the faculty H.E.R.O.E.S. program as well as updates on the Center for Teaching and Learning. When David Kim visited in September, he also brought with him Gary Ritter, the Executive Director for Learning Technology Services who informed us of the current and upcoming changes to the management team in ITS.

With all those visitors, it seems hard to believe we covered much else in our meetings, but we have been busy. With the changes made to aligning classes to the grid and the elimination of the final exam schedule for spring 2020, we had some feedback and suggestions from Senators that was turned over to Academic Policies. Sherina Dubose-Tillman and her committee made the policy recommendation to change the submission time for grades from 48 to 72 hours after the last class meeting to assist instructors in getting their grades in and on time. This policy (5.10) has officially been changed for the spring 2020 semester. From Dr. McCarthy, we were informed that all instructors have flexibility in administering the final exam during the final week of class in a manner that best suits their class needs. As requested, those areas using the online syllabi submission form, can simply attach the syllabus as is for approval in their areas.

We continue to work towards equity and fairness at the college and many Senate leaders and Senators are working diligently to examine the different areas of the college that required more scrutiny. Being a part of these conversations is vital to our ongoing advocacy for faculty and staff, and currently, we have Senators on the following committees, teams, and task forces: Transition Team, Vice President of Academic Affairs hiring committee, Student Success Leadership Team, C.R.O.C.S. team, Strategic Planning Committee, Online Attendance, Faculty PDP Revision, Student Intake Committee, Teaching and Learning Excellence Action Team, Required Advising Action Team, and more. As you can see, Senate plays a vital role at the college, and our voice is being recognized and valued. I am proud of the work we are doing in the vane that we do what we do for our #1, Strategic Goal, Creating a Unified and Focused Vision for Student Success. As a whole, we have embodied the values that we stand by at CP, and we are Student-Centered, Collaborative, Excellent, Accountable, Equitable, and Courageous. Thank you to all who have worked to be a part of our team and our college, Central Piedmont.

As a reminder, on November 19th, we will welcome Dr. Kevin McCarthy and Amy Bruining from the office of Academic Affairs to address some of the ongoing work that is being done in that area of the college. We also will hold a special session of Senate on Tuesday, December 17th to host our President, Dr. Kandi Deitemeyer, who will open the floor to the Senators and visitors who may have questions, solutions, concerns, or feedback from a faculty and staff perspective. This is an excellent opportunity to be a part of two upcoming sessions of Senate that will be dynamic and informative. All are welcomed to Senate, and we look forward to seeing new faces at our upcoming Senate meetings, so invite your colleagues, friends, and constituents to a meeting. With the holidays fast approaching, I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season, and enjoy the time off as we look forward to the new year with great anticipation of what is still to come for Central Piedmont!

Jennifer Perkins

College Senate President


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