Owen Sutkowski, College Senate President 2020-21

College Senate is pleased to announce that Owen Sutkowski has been elected College Senate President 2020-21! Owen will serve as President-elect for the 2019-20 academic year, while Jennifer Perkins serves as President.

Owen Sutkowski

Owen Sutkowski

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This is my 9th academic year at CPCC. I came to CPCC in 2010 to work with the Transfer Resource Center, and as an adjunct faculty member in the Communication discipline. In 2012 i started working with Career Services. In 2016 I joined the Communication faculty full-time. My committee has included: Retention Committee, NC Scholars of Global Distinction Advisory Board, Technology Integration Learning Community, College Senate Faculty Welfare Committee and Faculty Titles Committee, and the General Education Foundation Council. I have also been a learning partner for new faculty in the faculty onboarding process, and delivered several professional development sessions for faculty and staff.

Sutkowski Statement: It would be an honor to serve faculty and staff as college senate president. Almost nine years of collaborating with students, faculty and staff in both student services and as a faculty member have given me skills and experiences to understand concerns, narrow down those concerns to specific actionable outcomes, and build consensus around solutions. As you consider supporting me, I want to share the approach and values that will shape my service to faculty and staff in this important role. I hope that by understanding my approach and values, you can see how I will work with you, and represent you. Listening closely with care, asking thoughtful open-ended questions, continual transparency, and careful reflection are important approaches to my work throughout my time at CPCC. These approaches are founded upon valuing every single voice, seeking accountability, and finding a yes.

Being ready to carefully listen, and valuing every voice is part of my everyday experience. Colleagues have come to know that I always answer the phone with, “How can I help?”. Sharing time with colleagues to deeply listen to and understand their concerns, ideas, and solutions is essential. Part of valuing all voices through active listening also means asking thoughtful questions. I approach every situation using questions to clarify background information, confirm accuracy, and determine possible solutions. Meaningful transparency is supported when questions are integrated into discussions.

Transparency builds trust and sustained accountability. I believe in transparency that makes sure everyone knows the same set of of information, and is regularly updated. When everyone is one the same page, both trust and accountability will be better served. It is with transparency that people are held accountable. It is also with transparency and reflection that I believe we can find a yes. Bringing together questions, and responses, with deeper reflection toward finding a yes is how I approach many issues. Finding a yes means reflection individually and an in groups toward building consensus wherever possible, and compromise whenever needed.

I hope you can see how I would work with you and represent you as college senate president. It would be my honor to serve staff and faculty in this role. I am also grateful to you for taking time to understand the approach and values that will shape my service.

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