Candidates for College Senate President-elect

College Senate President  2019-2020

College Senate has three candidates for President-elect.

The College Senate President represents the faculty and professional staff on numerous committees, college functions and deliberations.

The successful candidate will serve as President-elect during Denise Keating’s presidency in 2018-19, and then as President during the 2019-20 academic year.

Here are the candidates (in alphabetical order, by last name):

headshot of Tony Emetu

Tony Emetu, MBA, MOS

Tony Emetu, MBA, MOS
Doctor of Management in Community College Policy and Administration, (Expected 2019)
University of Maryland University College
Master of Business Administration, 2010, Georgia Southern University
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Management, 2008, Troy University
Associate of Arts, 2009, Valdosta State University
Associate of Science, 2007, Gordon State College
Business Office Technology Diploma, 2000, Sandersville Technical College


Department: Office Administration Program Chair
Past Committees: Administrative Technology Committee, 2015-2017

Emetu  Statement: My desire to be College Senate President stems from my passion in being an educator and the difference that I strive to make in the lives of our students. I desire to lead the efforts in maintaining an efficient, productive and nourishing learning environment for our students and a collaborative workplace for the faculty and professional staff that teach and support them. As president, I will work tirelessly to foster productive communication between faculty, administration, and other entities in efforts to accomplish the common goal of serving our students and community. Additionally, I will commit diligent efforts on a continuous basis to ensure that the concerns of faculty and professional staff are heard and voiced to the appropriate entities as well as maintain effective communication with the faculty and professional staff of CPCC.

While in pursuit of a doctoral degree over the course of the past few years, I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and understanding about the inner workings of community colleges and ways in which internal components work together to achieve maximum efficiency. My current research seeks to define the most effective policies and implementation strategies needed to serve diversity within the college environment. Moreover, the knowledge and understanding gained from my studies and research will be very beneficial in my efforts to serve a diverse group of people with distinct needs and concerns.


Headshot of Adam Harris, Ph.D

Adam Harris, Ph.D

Adam Harris, Ph.D
Greetings colleagues! I have had the pleasure of shaping lives here at CPCC since 2012 by teaching in the Associates of Engineering and eventually Chairing Computer, Electrical, and Electronics Engineering Technology departments.  I think we share in having one of the most rewarding jobs in the world by helping students. I want to help make sure we are as effective as possible in what we do.
Problem solving is in my nature and training; I have been busy creating solutions to problems we all might face. Already in my division I was instrumental in starting up our FabLab, and led my three departments through their accreditation process from our relevant accrediting body. For accreditation I designed and implemented a process that can be used to help other departments and even CPCC itself maintain accreditation.

I have also been working with Section Modification to create tools which make COD calculation and entry faster, easier, less error-prone, and less of a headache in general.  We have already piloted this tool in the Engineering Technology division this semester and I’ve shared the beta test with a few other departments to great success.  I plan to continue finding ways to help us all work smarter and be more effective.

Harris Statement: 
As president of College Senate, my goals are to:
*Reduce redundancy and latency in current process.
*Leverage the brainpower, talents, and skills of our faculty and staff to create tools and
processes that reduce complications and uncertainty for students in our programs.
*Lead the charge on issues that are important to you and bringing those to the attention     of  the Administration.
*Keep faculty and staff engaged in College Senate
*My long-term goals are to build CPCC into such an effective organization that we win an     Aspen Award.


headshot of Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins

I started my career back in 1995 as an elementary school teacher soon after earning my Master’s degree from Queen’s University. From the start of my teaching career, I knew I wanted to make a difference in the lives of my students for the rest of my career. To this day, I love teaching students and enabling them to be proactive learners and advocates in their education.

In 2004, I started teaching developmental English courses for CPCC, and shortly thereafter, I joined the ACA department. I worked as an adjunct instructor for six years before I was hired to teach full time in the fall of 2010 as an ACA instructor. I have always considered myself fortunate as I get to teach students to be successful whether that be through a college student success course or a study skills course or a transfer success course. My job is literally to help students to be successful in the college classroom and in life itself.

Now, I am even more excited to offer my expertise to my fellow faculty members through professional development. In my current position, I am able to facilitate learning opportunities for faculty and staff here at CPCC. As a peer developer with the professional development department, I mentor new faculty members at the college, facilitate new faculty training on a monthly basis, coordinate and schedule Focus Friday events for all faculty and staff at the college, and provide ongoing training as needed at all six campuses.

Perkins Statement
: Over the years, I have worked closely with adjunct faculty and full time faculty with bi-annual training sessions at the start of every semester. As well as training faculty for ACA, I have also worked to train and prepare summer bridge instructors each year to work with our incoming summer bridge students. I have served on the scholarship committee, summer bridge committee, college senate, curriculum committee, completion by design, IT committee, institutional effectiveness committee, and the communications team. My willingness to work and serve this college is abundant from the shear fact I thoroughly enjoy making a difference in the lives of our students, faculty and staff. Serving as college senate president would only enhance my work here at the college to that next level of leadership. I would be honored by the opportunity to serve and make a difference here at Central Piedmont Community College.


Candidates will be introduced at the April 17 College Senate meeting and voting will commence during the week of April 23, 2018.

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