Follow-up on the October Senate Meeting


I’d like to take a moment to follow-up on some items of interest in October’s Senate meeting:

Innovation Cafe: For those who wanted an Innovation Cafe flyer, you’ll find it here: Innovation Cafe Flyer  Contact Shantell Strickland-Davis with any questions.

Focus Friday: Be sure to sign up for Focus Friday in LearnerWeb.  For more info, please contact Jennifer Perkins. 

ADA Compliance:  Here’s a link to the ADA_3-year-plan. Check it out.

Please note that the latest version of Panapto comes with automatic captioning and transcription.  Jeff Jarvis has created a tutorial to help you:   Thank you Jeff!

NCCCS Accountability Measures: Here’s the link mentioned in Senate.

Bookstore/Digital Content: The Learning office hasn’t determined when digital content options will be adopted more widely.  If you are interested in adopting digital content in your course, please contact Amy Bruining.

Employee Recognition Awards: Here’s the link to nominate your colleagues for recognition.

Have a great Halloween and see you at the next Senate meeting.  eLearning will be our guest.

Carolyn Jacobs

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