September College Senate Meeting

Senators, this is a gentle reminder to attend the next College Senate meeting on September 19 at 2:30pm in HE 4510.

Following is some important information for our September meeting:

The agenda includes:
1. Welcome / Announcements (2:30-2:45)
Approve minutes
Please review minutes from 2017 here. We need to approve ALL of these, if possible.
Update on Strategic Planning Council
First Fridays: Jennifer Perkins

2. Guest: Disability Services (Serena Johnson) and Learning Technology (Gary Ritter) (2:45-3:00)

3. Constitutional changes: (3:00-3:15)
Review proposed changes here.

4. Solutions Forum (3:15-3:30)

Follow-up: During our August Solutions Forum, some questions were raised regarding Disability Services and eLearning.  Professional Staff Welfare Chair Laurie Necasek has generously provided us with some helpful information:

Please visit the Disability Services website to find the direct link to the Disability Services Online Training in Learner Web to earn PD credit. This on-demand training is for faculty and staff to learn their role in working with Disability Services to accommodate CPCC students.

There is also a training called Animals on Campus: Understanding Policy 6.26 for employees to learn about the policy around service animals and their role in working with students who use service animals.

Please note that Disability Services will be presenting at 2:45 September 19, and welcome your questions.

It is important to note that eLearning’s role in our institution has evolved over the past few years, and the staff are here work with faculty in a variety of ways. Please visit the eLearning website to learn more about the  role of eLearning and how eLearning and faculty can work together to provide students with high quality courses.

Also, eLearning welcome requests for new trainings that the faculty see a need for, so please contact them if you wish to make any new training requests. Current offered trainings and workshops are also listed on our website.

Please note that eLearning will be presenting at 2:45 November 21, and welcome your questions.

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If you have items for the agenda, please contact me or Denise Keating, President-elect.

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