Summer Time Prep-Time to Transition

Preparation is the Keep to Semester Success

Summer Time, A Great Time to Prepare for Fall Academic Success.

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for school success is Preparation.   For example, preparation is required to obtain any degree or certification; to buy a house; to study for a major Exam; etc….  Preparing the Mind and Body  is a sure fire way to increase chances of success in most things we do.  So, how can you  best use your last few days of summer in order to Prepare for Fall Success:
1. Write down your goals (short-term and long-term)                                                    Examples:
a. I will complete the first semester with all A’s and B’s
b. I will work only 15 hours a week
c. I will have designated study hours each day
2. Buy or Create a Daily Calendar/Schedule (list everything you do hour by hour from the moment you wake up)-STAY ON SCHEDULE
3. Speak with family members and friends about school and the need to focus on your studies in order to be successful.  Inform family and friends of the role they need to play in order to best support you.
5. Create an outlet for managing stress and anxiety and incorporate in your daily/weekly schedule once school begins.                                                                                             ****Create your own positive quotes to encourage your success and place them in  notebooks, books, and any areas of your home you visit often (bathroom mirror, closet door, frig..)

So Go Ahead and Prep your way to Success!