February 2017

There are lots of great things happening this month!

New Lab Techs:

We’d like to welcome our two new lab techs to the program. These guys will be holding study sessions several times a week for classes in the CEEET department. If you need help in Circuits 1 for example, you can either set up an appointment with them to work in the lab individually or come to the study sessions. These sessions are not designed to teach you new material, nor are they designed to answer your homework questions directly, rather to learn. In past semesters when these have been offered students who come to these sessions typically make 1/2 to a full letter grade higher in the class than those who do not show up.

You can see their availability or make an appointment with them here.

Transfer Information:

“Mind Over Math” Workshops
Back by popular demand, Counseling Services will offer a math anxiety workshop, “Mind over Math,” twice this semester. The next one is Tuesday, 2/21/17 at 10 a.m. in the Zeiss Building, Room 1102. This 60-minute workshop is packed with information to help students overcome math avoidance and gain strategies to feel more calm and focused while doing math. It’s helpful for students in any class where mathematics is used: math, science, business, accounting and more.
Here are some quick facts:

  • Mind over Math was designed by counselors specifically for the developmental needs of college students
  • It teaches proven techniques for managing anxious thoughts, feelings and behaviors related to math
  • More than 68% of past Mind over Math participants indicated that their knowledge on the topic following this workshop was either excellent or very good
  • One CPCC math instructor who attended Mind over Math said that the “workshop was very informative…I will share some of the ideas or suggestions with students.”

For questions or further information, email Counseling@cpcc.edu.