March 2016

Thinking of Transferring to UNCC? 

The TRC team attended a Transfer Symposium last week at UNCC during which the Engineering Department shared with us an exciting opportunity. UNCC’s Engr Dept. is hosting an open house on Friday April 8th for students interested in pursuing Engineering or Engineering Technology degrees at UNCC. The event is from 9:30am-2:00pm on the UNCC campus. There will be an information session followed by an opportunity for students to tour facilities and labs. Visiting students will also get to meet current students and faculty within their perspective programs. Please view the attached flier for additional information and let students know they can register at the link below.


Priority registration for classes starts April 22nd. You should be ready to register for classes as soon as you can to make sure you get into the sections you want. Check the priority registration dates and compare it to your total earned credit hours in your MyCollege to see when your registration date is. If you have yet to do so, please contact your Engineering Technology faculty advisor now. You can check who your academic advisor currently is in MyCollege as well.  If you don’t one of the people on our faculty page as your advisor, then email one of us immediately so we can help you figure out which classes to take next semester. Sign up for classes as soon as you are allowed to. We will begin cancelling classes with low enrollment 2 weeks before the first day of the Fall 2016 semester. Don’t wait to sign up or the class might be cancelled.

Guided Study Sessions

If you are not making at least a B in your current classes, then you should be coming to the free weekly guided study sessions we offer. We have increased the number of guided study sessions for Circuits 1, Circuits 2, and Digital Logic to have a day and night section of each. Here is the current schedule.

Looking for a Job?

If you are in your second year of your degree program, it is often a good time to start looking at positions that are available. You can always visit the NCworks website to search through a career field and job postings at any time to see what skills employers are looking for.

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