Stress Relief Week!








Welcome to the stress free zone!

  • If you…. or a student, faculty, or staff member need a place to de-stress…. stop by the Cato Campus Library for a week of food, fun, and games.
  • Beginning May 1st to May 5th, the Cato Campus Library Quiet Room will become a designated fun zone!


Trying to decide on your favorite activity ……???? Take a look!






There will be:

  • A designated place to hang out with friends and other students
  • Light snacks
  • Games
  • Puzzles

In addition…..there will also be color therapy..for the artist in all of us!




It’s That Time Again…..Sensoria 2017!

Come celebrate Sensoria 2017 with the Cato Campus Library and CPCC!!

Take a look at the arts, crafts, and events that the Cato Campus Library is showcasing and hosting.

Are you a foodie and book lover?

Do you enjoy creative food art?

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions…..see the flyer below!

1st Annual Edible Book Fest here at the Cato Campus Library!



As an extra added bonus:

In support of our horticulture department and the necessity to create a more green environment, the Cato Campus Library is also showcasing a replica of the book cover entitled: The Iron King which is made of all organic materials and housed here at the Cato Campus Library and was created by one of the library staffers.




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