6 steps to complete the week after the Career Fair

If you attended last week’s Career Fair, there’s still work to be done. Follow these six steps to increase your chances of landing an interview with the employers you spoke with.

Send thank you notes. If you haven’t done so already, take the time to send a thank you email to the recruiters. Hopefully you secured a business card before leaving their table. If not, check EmploymeNC, the Career Services job searching database, to see if the company’s contact information is listed. A thank you note can make or break employment opportunities.

Contact employers you didn’t speak to. If you weren’t able to talk to every employer on your target list, it’s not too late. Check out the Career Services Career Fair Pinterest board that highlights every company who attended the fair.

Don’t panic if you don’t hear back. Recruiters receive many emails and can’t reply to every single one. If you don’t receive a reply to your thank-you note or follow-up correspondence, it doesn’t mean the door is closed. Allow time for employers to evaluate the resumes and applications received. If recruiters mentioned a date of when you might hear from them, follow up within a week after that date if you still haven’t received any correspondence. Persistence is good, just use moderation.

Follow employers’ follow-up instructions. Whatever additional steps employers requested – sending additional information, applying online, contacting them – do it. And do it this week.

Review your strategy. What worked and what didn’t? If you don’t receive follow up from any employers, consider meeting with a career counselor to review where your approach could be improved.

Continue to use other job search methods. Job searching isn’t reserved to a one-time event like the Career Fair. It’s important to continue using other resources (networking, online job boards, social media) to maximize your job search.