7 tips for acing the second interview

hire me It’s a big relief when that job interview is over. But if you did well during the interview, the relief doesn’t last long. Because soon you’ll be contacted to schedule a second job interview. Even though this is a good thing, the nerves start all over again.  Follow these seven tips to help you ace the second interview and inch one step closer to a job offer.

Find out the agenda ahead of time. The one thing that all second interviews have in common is that they’re so different from each other. Some companies conduct panel interviews. Other companies have you meet with multiple people individually. Sometimes the interviews last all day while others take an hour or two. When the person contacts you to schedule an interview, it’s appropriate to ask about the itinerary – who you’ll be meeting with, the interview format and the length of the time you’re expected to be there.

Research. Learn everything about the company. Review what you already know and dig deeper to discover new information. Search the company’s name on Google, Twitter and Facebook to find out most recent news. Check out the company’s LinkedIn profile.

Review questions and answers. Even though you may be meeting with new people, you may be asked questions similar to your first interview. Review your answers but also be prepared for new detailed questions. Additionally, if meeting with multiple people individually, you may be asked the same questions throughout the second interview. Be patient and answer consistently. Remember the person asking you at that moment is hearing your answer for the first time.

Ask questions. The second interview is your opportunity to further clarify the position and what role you would be playing. Target your questions to your interviewers: Potential coworkers can’t answer the same questions as a supervisor.

Dress professionally. Unless you’re told ahead of time not to, plan to dress professionally for a second interview. If the interviewer mentions that professional dress is not required, plan to dress in business casual attire, which means no jeans, t-shirts or sneakers.

Don’t forget items you forgot the first time. If there was something important you failed to mention during the first interview, or a point you made that you want to reiterate, you may get a chance to do so in the second interview. Review your notes from the first interview and prepare an answer that clarifies the idea you wanted to share.

Send a thank you note. Within 24 to 48 hours send a thank you email to every person who interviews you. Include in the note specific items that you discussed with that particular person so that your email seems sincere and personable.