The CPCC Career Fair is coming!

The CPCC Career Fair is coming! Mark your calendars for Thursday March 5, 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Employers searching for candidates from a variety of programs will be at the Grady Cole Center (next to the Central Campus) recruiting for job openings.

This is the college’s prime career event.

Here’s what you need to know:

Who should attend the Career Fair?

Job seekers looking for full-time jobs. Job seekers commonly complain about having to blindly submit resumes online with no chance to meet recruiters in person. Here’s your chance! If you’re graduating, are a CPCC alumni or a current student searching for a full-time job, the Career Fair is an opportunity to talk to employers actively seeking candidates.

Candidates seeking part-time jobs, internships or co-op positions. Many employers at the fair are also hiring for part-time jobs as well as internship or co-op positions with their companies. The time to search for summer positions starts now.

Students wanting to network with employers in their industry. Begin building your network now for your job search later. Employers will be impressed with your enthusiasm and knowledge of the importance of networking.

What should I know before attending the Career Fair?

Professional dress is required. People not wearing professional attire won’t be admitted to the fair. Visit the Career Services Pinterest board for tips on how to dress professionally.

VIP Access for CPCC students & alumni, as well as all military service members and veterans. Students and alumni can present their CPCC ID and military service members and veterans can present their military ID to gain admission through the VIP entrance. This helps avoid long lines.

Get your resume ready. Employers accept or reject resumes within seven seconds. Make sure you’re presenting a top-notch resume that gets placed in the recruiter’s “Yes” pile. Schedule an appointment with a career counselor to have your resume reviewed. Use the online Career Guide for resume tips, guidelines and samples.

You need an elevator speech. This is the pitch you give to employers when you approach their table. Start practicing how you’ll confidently shake hands and clearly tell the recruiter your skills and interest in their company. A career counselor can help you develop your elevator speech.

The Career Fair is crowded. Last year over 90 companies attended the Career Fair. This year will be the same. Research companies ahead of time to target the employers you want to speak with. Clear your work and class schedule to allow enough time to attend the event.

What resources can help prepare for the Career Fair?

Career Services Blog. Check back each week before the career fair for helpful tips.

Watch the video “Prepare for the CPCC Career Fair.” Dr. Connie Johnston in the CPCC Career Services Office offers five great suggestions for making the most of the event.

Check out other online resources. Our Career Fair page offers additional information to help get ready.

Meet with a career counselor. Career counselors can answer any questions about the fair, review your resume, help you prepare your elevator speech and more. Schedule an appointment today.




Last minute tips for the CPCC Career Fair!

Career Fair week is here! This Thursday, March 6 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., over 95 employers will be at the Grady Cole Center to talk about job openings. Are you ready?

What last minute details should you pay attention to these next few days to ensure you’ll impress employers? The following checklist can help.

  • Review February posts from the CPCC Career Services blog. Last month we offered weekly posts on Career Fair items. From resume tips to how to dress professionally, many of your questions can be answered here.
  • Have a career counselor review your resume. Stop by the Career Services Central campus office tomorrow (Tuesday March 4) from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to have your resume critiqued by a career counselor. No appointment necessary. You can also email to receive feedback.
  • Assemble your professional dress now. Make sure clothes are pressed and accessories are chosen wisely. Don’t forget a tote or professional bag (if possible, no backpacks) to carry resumes and gather employer information.
  • Practice your elevator speech. Rehearse your elevator speech in front of a mirror, friends or family. You want employers to know you’re confident and knowledgeable about your skills and qualifications as they relate to the job. Practice a firm handshake, too!
  • Research employers you plan to meet with. Use the Career Fair Employer List to identify which employers you plan to speak with at the event. Use the companies’ websites and social media presence (Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, Twitter handles) to learn about the companies and prepare questions to ask.

Some helpful hints for the day of the event:

  • Arrive early. Parking fills up quickly and lines get long.
  • Bring your CPCC Student ID. Doing so gives you access to the VIP entrance to avoid longer lines. *Note: Veterans who bring their DD-214 papers will also be admitted through the VIP entrance
  • Check the weather. You may be standing outside in the early morning hours. Dress accordingly.
  • Plan your transportation. Parking in the Student Decks will be available (no permit required), or plan your bus route.
  • Arrange for childcare. Job applicants who bring children to the career fair will not be admitted to the event.
  • Bring a snack. Pack a small bottle of water and a snack to keep your energy up throughout the day.
  • Have multiple copies of your resume. Estimate how many employers you’ll be speaking to, but bring a few additional copies just in case.

Make the most of this great opportunity to meet face-to-face with employers. Check back to this blog next week for post-fair tips.

Why attend the CPCC Career Fair & what to expect

The CPCC Career Fair is just over one month away! On Thursday March 6 employers will be at the Grady Cole Center to discuss full-time and part-time jobs as well as internship opportunities. Mark your calendar and plan to attend.

Why should I go to a career fair?

If you’re job searching, why wouldn’t you attend the job fair? This is your chance to meet employers face-to-face who are actively hiring people just like you. Online job searching has been a staple for years thanks to job boards like employmeNC and that let job seekers apply to jobs from the comforts of home. Social media has taken the online job search one step further allowing online interaction with professionals and company representatives through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

But the chance to talk to an employer in person can’t be trumped or replaced. At the end of the day an in-person interview is how employers evaluate your candidacy for a job opening. Don’t pass up the opportunity to make a good first impression – and solidify yourself as one to be contacted for that interview. The job seeker attending the job fair has the advantage, so why shouldn’t that job seeker be you?

What can I expect at a job fair?

Be prepared for lots of people in a loud environment. Approximately 75-85 companies attend the event. They each bring two or more recruiters who spend time talking one-on-one to job seekers that number over 1,000. Each company sets up a display table. Their job is to promote their company as place you might like to work. Your job is to promote yourself as someone they might want to hire.

Anticipate long lines. CPCC students, alumni and all veterans can access the event through the VIP entrance. You may also encounter long lines at employer tables. Be patient. Remember you might meet your next employer today so it’s worth the wait.

Allow enough time. The CPCC Career Fair is open from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Depending on how many employers you plan to talk to, you could be at the event for an hour or longer. You’ll want to spend at least 5-10 minutes talking to each employer.

Start preparing now. A job fair isn’t an event you prepare for the night before. You’re going to need professional attire, a sharp resume, knowledge about the companies attending, a list of questions to ask them and a top-notch elevator speech that sells your skills and qualifications to each employer. Take the next month to get these items in order.

Visit Career Services to help you get ready for the job fair. Visit this blog over the next month for tangible tips on how to be successful at the event. Clear your class or work schedule now for March 6 to avoid conflicts and the chance to attend this event.