Ways to help the Earth while job searching


Did you know that Earth Day began in 1970? Did you also know there are simple ways to help the earth while doing your job search?

4 ways to help the planet while job searching

Volunteer. Employers embrace applicants who have volunteer experience listed on their resume. Additionally, volunteering gives you the opportunity to meet with people working in a variety of industries, providing the chance to network. Look for volunteer opportunities with an environmental focus.

Reduce the amount of paper you use. From virtual to-do lists to electronic storage services like Dropbox, there are plenty of ways to keep your job search organized without sacrificing trees. Your smartphone offers lots of job search apps to make the process eco-friendly. Business cards are still handy for job searches so why not consider the digitized version? Whenever paper is necessary, select the recycled kind.

Search for suits with sustainability in mind. Your work wardrobe doesn’t have to be 100% new to be 100% effective. Search thrift and consignment shops for gently used clothing options. Another option? Shop online. Studies show that shopping online may reduce energy consumption by 35%.

Add some green to your home/work space. Give your job search space – whether it’s a home office, living room or bedroom – a green makeover. Use a power strip for all of your hardware, making it easy to power on and off with the flip of a switch. Power down the computer when you’re done working for the day. Add some indoor plants to the setting that absorb indoor air pollution and increase the oxygen flow in your work space.

4 ways to help the planet every day

Ditch the plastic. Almost 300 million tons of plastic are produced each year worldwide and 90% ends up in landfills rather than being properly recycled. From shopping with reusable bags to avoiding buying plastic water bottles by the case, where could you make a difference?

Say no to junk mail. 28 million gallons of water are used each year to produce and recycle junk mail. These unwanted mailbox advertisements can be reduced and eliminated.

Reduce your Ecological Footprint. The Ecological Footprint is a tool that measures how much of Earth’s resources you use to maintain your current living practices. Take the Ecological Footprint quiz to see how earth-friendly you really are and see what changes you could make.

Toss the e-waste properly. E-waste is any garbage that contains electronic devices (cell phones, laptops, televisions, etc.). When you simply throw them away with the rest of your trash, they end up in landfills and their hazardous materials (lead, mercury and cadmium) seep into the ground or are burned into the atmosphere. Find an E-waste recycling center near you and dispose of these items safely.