7 things you must do after attending EmployUP

EmployUP16 photoDid you attend last week’s EmployUP? Did you talk to recruiters about job opportunities? Did you give your resume to any employers?

If you answered yes to these questions you still have some work to do. Attending EmployUP is the first step in your job search. Follow these seven steps to increase your chances of being contacted for a job interview.

Send a thank you note. Thank you emails can make or break a job offer. Ideally your thank you note was sent to employers within 48 hours after the event. But it’s not too late. Your note should thank the recruiter for the conversation and reiterate your interest in their company and employment opportunities. Reference a specific conversation topic to refresh their memory of talking with you. If you didn’t get a business card from employers, check EmploymeNC, the Career Services online job board. Companies who attended EmployUP likely have their contact information listed here.

Contact companies you didn’t speak to at EmployUP. It’s also not too late to reach out to companies of interest that you didn’t speak with at the event. Check out the Career Services EmployUP Pinterest Board to find the list of companies that attended. Find the company in EmploymeNC and follow up.

Do as employers instructed. If employers asked you to forward additional information or requested that you complete an online application, get this task done as soon as possible.

Don’t panic. Employers attend many career fairs, collect lots of resumes and receive a huge volume of emails. It’s understandable that you’re anxious, but give employers time to evaluate the candidates. If recruiters mentioned a date you could anticipate hearing from them, wait until a few days past the date and politely reach out to inquire the status of your application.

Be persistent, but not pushy. There is a fine line between reiterating your interest in the job opportunity and harassing the recruiter. A recruiter may likely reject a candidate who sends multiple emails and phone calls, especially if the recruiter has indicated a hiring timeline.

Review your job search strategy. If you attended EmployUP, sent thank you notes and follow-up correspondence and still have not heard from employers, schedule an appointment with a career counselor. While it’s likely that you just need to allow more time for your job search, it can’t hurt to review your resume, job searching strategy and networking skills for areas of improvement.

Use other job search resources. A career fair is just one of many ways to learn about job opportunities. Continue using other options (networking, social media, online job boards) to increase your job search success.