EmploymeNC: 7 reasons it’s your #1 job search site

When looking for job opportunities, you can’t rely on job boards alone. Job searching requires a multi-strategy approach. Your list of resources should also include networking, career expos and social media.

But for CPCC students and alumni who are using online job boards, EmploymeNC should be your go-to site because it’s more than just a job board. Here are seven reasons why you should bookmark EmploymeNC.

It’s only for CPCC students and alumni. The only way to access EmploymeNC is by using your CPCC login and password information. This cuts down the competition of others applying for the available jobs. It also means that employers posting jobs are actively looking for CPCC candidates.

Hundreds of full-time and part-time jobs are updated weekly. On average over 500 full-time and part-time job openings are featured on EmploymeNC each week. Employers regularly contact Career Services with job opportunities they want you to know about and all are directed to post their jobs on EmploymeNC.

Ability to save your job searches makes the process easier. When it comes to online job boards, having to apply to jobs one at a time gets frustrating. With EmploymeNC you avoid this hassle. Save your jobs of interest in a folder and apply to them all at once. Additionally, there’s no need to search the same types of jobs multiple times. After entering your keywords, select to have new job postings emailed to you that fit this same criteria.

Resume writing software. Creating a resume isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Career Services recommends that you create a resume from scratch that targets your specific career interests and best markets your skills and background. If you haven’t written a resume before, EmploymeNC offers a resume writing software called Resume Creator to help you get started. Unlike other resume templates, Resume Creator has templates designed by career services professionals that present your qualifications in a solid standard resume format.     

Free resume critique from a career services professional. Career Services wants you to put your best application forward; therefore, a career counselor automatically reviews each resume you upload into EmploymeNC. If there are any errors on your resume or opportunities to better market your background, you’ll receive an email with your resume attached that highlights the edit suggestions.   

Access to a Career Resource Library. EmployeNC’s Resource Library is filled with valuable career information about resumes, cover letters, interviewing and much more.  

Calendar of career events. Learn about upcoming recruiting events and Career Services programs. Check the box in your profile section to receive emails from Career Services about events as well.

EmploymeNC is a simple, effective online job board to use. Check out the video “Using EmploymeNC” that shows you how to upload your resume and search for jobs and highlights all of its features.  Get started today!



8 tips to start the fall semester off right!

Welcome to the Fall 2015 semester! Whether you’re a returning student or starting your first semester at CPCC, Career Services hopes you have a fantastic year!

Start the school year off right. Put together a plan for success and develop good habits now. Check out these eight tips to help ensure a positive start to the semester.

Don’t skip classes. Resist the urge to turn off your alarm clock. You’ll learn the material better by listening first-hand to the professor’s lecture rather than borrowing and trying to decipher a classmate’s notes later. By attending class, you’ll also be up-to-date about upcoming events, quizzes and assignments.

Learn about campus resources that can assist you. You’re not alone in your pursuit of a college degree. CPCC campus offices can answer questions and find resources to help you be successful. Visit the list of services on the CPCC website.

Create a work-life-school balance plan. If you work a part-time job while attending school, create a plan that prioritizes schoolwork and lets you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Talk to your supervisor now about a work schedule that won’t interfere with your studies. It’s better than calling off work throughout the semester.

Ditch the poor study habits. What study habits have worked for you in the past? Which ones haven’t helped? Now is the time to develop study habits that help you succeed. Avoid distractions (social media and television, for example). Designate specific study times and make sure family members, roommates and friends respect them.

Get involved on campus. It’s a fact: Student involvement leads to student success. CPCC offers a variety of clubs and organizations geared toward academic and personal interests. Joining a student group is a great way to meet new friends, too.

Take advantage of professors’ office hours. Instructors hold office hours for a reason. If you have concerns about assignments or topics covered in class, schedule an appointment with your professor.

Keep track of deadlines and appointments. This includes assignments noted on your class syllabi as well as financial aid deadlines and meetings with advisors to discuss course registration for the spring.

Ask questions. If you have questions about financial aid, ask. Questions about class assignments? Ask. Questions about career planning, registering for classes or anything related to your academic plans? Ask! And ask sooner rather than later. Letting unanswered questions linger only leads to more questions and uncertainty.

Spring graduates still job searching? Ask yourself these questions.

If you graduated in May and are still job hunting, you’re probably understandably frustrated with the process. Remember, job searching takes time. Although graduation day may seem a distant memory, the average job search can take months.

But it might be time to evaluate your tools and strategies, looking for changes that could lead to better results. Ask yourself the following questions as they relate to your job search to date.

Are you finding jobs to apply to? If you feel there are a limited number of available positions, examine ways to expand the list.

  • Expand your geographic region if possible.
  • Use multiple job search tools (online job boards, career fairs, social media, networking).
  • Search for different types of jobs. Your education and work experience may qualify you for positions you haven’t explored.

Do you receive calls for interviews? If the answer is no, your resume or application might not be effectively conveying your qualifications for the job.

  • Develop a targeted resume for each position you apply to.
  • Make sure your resume doesn’t have typos or grammar errors.
  • Use standard resume writing guidelines to produce a clean, concise document.
  • Submit a cover letter that effectively explains your interest in and qualifications for the position.

Are you getting interviews but no job offers? The good news is that your resume is getting noticed and employers are calling you for interviews. But if most or all of the interviews don’t lead to job offers, it’s time to examine how you’re presenting yourself in the interviews.

  • Practice answers to commonly asked interview questions.
  • Dress professionally.
  • Review the practice of Behavioral Interviewing, a common interviewing method used by many recruiters.
  • Ask the employer appropriate questions.
  • Send a thank-you email or note within 48 hours of your interview.

Can Career Services help? Yes! Career Services offers job search assistance to alumni.

  • Check out the Resources section of our website for many helpful online tools. View videos that offer tips on writing resumes, interviewing and more.  Use our online Career Guide that contains lots of helpful information about resumes, interviews and job search tools.
  • Visit Career Coach for regional-based job information. Search by CPCC degree or job titles to learn about the local job market for industries and view job openings in the area.
  • Use EmploymeNC, our online job posting and career information board that targets CPCC students and alumni. View hundreds of job postings.
  • Email your resume to Career Services to receive feedback or schedule a resume appointment with a career counselor at any CPCC campus.
  • Schedule a mock interview to receive interview tips from a career counselor.