What to do after attending a career fair?

Now that the CPCC Career Fair is over, what’s next?

A job fair may be a one day event, but there’s still some follow up action items to complete in your job search.

Send thank you notes to recruiters you spoke with. Take the time to send a quick thank you note to any recruiters that you talked to, thanking them for their time and reiterating your interest in working for their company. Many applicants overlook this simple step that makes or breaks a person being considered for a job.

Contact employers you didn’t meet with. Whether you weren’t able to attend the career fair or couldn’t speak with all of the companies on your target list, reach out to them now. Check out the company websites for information about job opportunities.

Do what employers asked you to do. If an employer requested that you send additional application information, asked you to contact him or her this week or gave instructions to apply via the company website, do it!

Follow up with recruiters within two weeks after the job fair. Touch base to learn the status of your application or jobs you were interested in and to reiterate your interest in working for the company.

Develop a system for keeping track of recruiters, companies, applications and job leads. Mark dates you meet with someone, apply for a job or have an interview. Set calendar reminders to follow up. Many job searching devices exist to help simplify this task.

Review your strategies. Ask yourself what worked and what didn’t? If you felt nervous delivering your elevator speech to employers, consider rewriting or practicing it. If after a few weeks you do not receive requests for job interviews, it might be wise to have your resume critiqued. Applicants who receive interview requests but no job offers may want to review their interviewing skills.

Use other job search resources. A successful job search strategy incorporates all resources – job fairs, online job boards, networking, social media etc. – rather than focusing on just one. It’s critical to use all options available to you.