What’s next? Job search tips after a career fair





Career Services hopes you were able to attend last week’s CPCC Job Fair. It was a busy day with representatives from over 90 companies talking to job seekers about full-time and part-time opportunities.

So what’s next? Here are some additional tips to keep the job fair an ongoing success in your job search:

  • Send thank you notes. Ideally this step was completed within 24 hours after the job fair, but it’s not too late. Many applicants may not take the time to send a thank you note at all. Doing so could be the difference between you landing an interview or not. Recall specific talking points from your conversations and reference them in the thank you letters.
  •  Develop a system to keep track of recruiters, companies and job leads. Mark dates you speak with people, send your resume to someone or have an information meeting with a person. Set reminders on your calendar to follow up with them.
  •  Follow up with recruiters about two weeks after the job fair. Touch base to find out the status of jobs you spoke about and to reiterate your ongoing interest in the positions.
  •  Contact companies you didn’t talk to. Whether you weren’t able to attend the career fair or couldn’t speak with all of the companies on your target list, reach out to them now. Check out the company websites for information about job opportunities. If an employer lists a recruiter’s name and email address, don’t hesitate to contact him or her directly.
  •  Review your job search tools. Your resume, professional wardrobe and elevator speech are three key components in every job search. If you have concerns about your success with any of them, schedule an appointment with a career counselor to review how you’re marketing your qualifications to employers.
  •  Use other job search strategies.. The career fair is just one job search outlet. It’s critical that you use all options available to you. On-campus recruiting and employmeNC are two examples of job search resources Career Services offers. Be sure you’re also reviewing regional and industry-specific job search websites, as well as developing a network of people to talk to through LinkedIn and informational interviewing.