9 surefire ideas to ensure job fair employers love your resume

With Valentine’s Day just one week away, love is in the air!

With the CPCC Job Fair just four weeks away, it’s time to develop a resume that employers will love.

Use the following checklist to help write a resume that will stand out from others at the fair.

1. Develop a targeted resume.

Employers prefer resumes that are targeted to specific positions or industries. The list of employers will soon be available at the Career Services website. Once you identify companies to visit, target your resume to that profession or company. The objective is the first place to do so. Yes, you may have to write more than one resume. Yes, it will be worth your time!

2. Keep it to one page.

A resume highlights your qualifications, education and experience (work and/or volunteer). The job fair recruiter glances at your resume. Keeping the information to one page allows for a quick read. Quality of information is more important than quantity.

3. Begin phrases with action verbs.

Describe your job duties using action verbs that grab the reader’s attention faster. Avoid using personal pronouns. If you can say something in two words rather than five, do it!

4. Use bullet points.

  • They effectively present your skills and job duties as talking points.
  • Bullet points make the resume easier to read.

5. Avoid fonts that are too small, too large or too fancy.

Stick to standard font styles, such as Times New Roman, Arial and Calbri. Keep the resume text within 10-11 point font size. Your name can be slightly larger.

6. Keep the appearance consistent.

If you bold one job title, bold all of them. Don’t change font styles or sizes midway through the resume. Black ink is best throughout the entire document.

7. Check for spelling errors.

Spelling and grammar errors still top the list of reasons why employers reject resumes. Review your resume forward and backward, searching especially for misspelled words incorrect capitalization. Have someone else check it, too.

8. Use keywords and buzzwords.

What words or phrases are common in your profession of interest? Make sure you’re using these keywords, particularly in the Skills section and when listing your relevant job duties.

9. Have your resume reviewed by a Career Services career counselor.

Schedule an appointment or stop by during Drop In Hours (M-F 10 am to 2 pm) for a career counselor to review your resume. They can offer suggestions to best market your skills and qualifications.

*We’ve moved! The Career Services office has relocated to the new Student Success Services Center, third floor of the Central High Building. Stop by or contact 704-330-6551 for more information.