Welcome to the CPCC Career Services Blog!

What’s in a blog?

It’s our goal that in the CPCC Career Services blog, you’ll find lots of great information, tips, hints and ideas about “all things careers.” From figuring out your career goals to searching for jobs, Career Services is the one-stop shop for CP students. Our blog is another outlet for reaching you. We’ll be blogging about topics you should know about to make your career development plans successful!

Look for weekly blog updates about selecting academic programs, preparing for job fairs and everything in between! When we find career-related articles and items on the web we think you should know about, we’ll talk about them here. We welcome your comments and questions. Additionally, check out Career Services on Pinterest for more career-related news.

Knowing how to identify your career interests and prepare for the job search will help you develop a more successful career plan. This blog is one more way CPCC Career Services is dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals.