Letters to Juliet, By Lise and Ceil Friedman

I went in June to visit my stepmother and we went to go see the movie “Letters to Juliet”. It stars Franco Nero and Vanessa Redgrave. It is a sweet little movie. There is also a tie-in book to the movie that I enjoyed. Shakespeare wrote the play “Romeo and Juliet” around 1597 and set the play in Verona, Italy. I was not aware that there may be a true story in Verona around the 1300’s. I always thought it was a legend like Pyramus and Thisbe. In Verona there is a tomb attributed to Juliet and a house for Juliet and a house for Romeo. What I find delightful is that everyday from all over the world people write Juliet hand-written letters asking for advice on their love life, a group of volunteers responds to every letter. It is just remarkable to me that people still read and perform this play and that it still moves people so much. The book is a bit disorganized, but I did enjoy it.

3 Out of 4 Stars

Reviewed by: Anne Egger, Library Services