Stitches, By David Small

Stitches is the visually haunting memoir of author David Small’s terrifying childhood. Small was operated on for what he was told by his parents was just a cyst, but he woke up missing both a vocal cord and his thyroid. Small later, and accidentally, discovers that what was actually removed was a cancerous tumor that developed as a result of the massive amount of x-rays his radiologist father exposed him to in a misguided (at best) attempt to cure his respiratory problems. Small’s parents had a troubled marriage which, combined with his health issues, created a lot of confusion and distress throughout his childhood, which comes across quite strongly in the graphic novel format. With the help of a therapist, Small eventually comes to terms with his childhood experiences and is able to move on – and write Stitches.

3 Out of 4 Stars

Reviewed by: Jennifer Arnold, Library Services