Flight Vol. 6, By Kazu Kibuishi

The sixth installment in the Flight series is just as entertaining as all its predecessors. Once again the reader is given an anthology filled with a diverse group of fluid and eye catching artistic styles and a variety of stories. Stories such as “Dead Bunny” the unexpectedly sweet love story focused on a zombie rabbit’s search for love, “Cooking Duel” the humorous story of couple competing against each other to find out who is the better cook and “Kidnapped” which is one of the stories in this volume which uses wordless storytelling.

Though many of the stories involve love and sentimentality in some way coupled with interesting and satisfying endings, there are some stories such as “The Excitingly Mundane Life of Kenneth Shuri” that focus more on comedy. “The Excitingly Mundane Life of Kenneth Shuri” is about a Ninja named Ken who is trying to find a job. He sees one of long time friends now working in an unfulfilling job at an electronic store, still wearing his ninja hood. Later, when he finally gets an interview he finds himself near the end of a long line of ninjas.

Despite the seriousness of its subject matter the author does a good job of injecting comedic moments. This volume is brimming with creativity and vividness in both its art and storytelling. Older teenagers and adult readers may find this volume especially enjoyable.

3 Out of 4 Stars

Reviewed by: Darlene White, Library Services