The Charlotte Observer: Gorelicks put their heart into art at CPCC


The past six months has seen Central Piedmont Community College’s public visual arts offerings take a distinct upward turn in terms of both quality and, thanks donors Bill and Patty Gorelick, quantity as well.

Bill Gorelick announced recently that his family plans to pay for new galleries – and donate the art therein – at each of the six main CPCC campuses by the year 2020. Gorelick runs a family investment company and is one of the founding members of Shalom Park.

Just a year ago, CPCC President Tony Zeiss and Gorelick discussed their mutual admiration for the latter’s art collection. Since then, after an initial loan of 30 artworks to the Levine Campus (along with an assortment from the collection of Carol and Shelton Gorelick, Bill Gorelick’s sister-in-law and late brother), the family has made a magnanimous gift to the college in an effort to expose students to art.