Charlotte colleges that will get you a job, ranked CPCC #1



By  | September 28, 2015  Charlotte Agenda

Once the caps and gowns come off, the real world hits. The Agenda had found that graduates of some of Charlotte’s colleges clearly have an easier time finding work than others.  Job placement rate definitions can vary, but in this list we generally refer to full-time employment in the student’s field of study, or full-time enrollment in a higher degree within a year of graduation. I’ve tried to link to the source for each school. But don’t get caught up on the placement rate. The other numbers here are important, too. What good is a job placement rate if the graduation rate is abysmal? Or if you can’t pay off your loans anyway?  Federal loan default rate data comes from the U.S. Department of Education. Graduation rates can be found through the National Center for Education Statistics. The most popular majors come from the Common Data Set or the NCES.


1) Central Piedmont Community College

Job placement rate: 87.6 percent, based on a survey of 2,157 graduates over two years

Graduation rate: 11 percent (42 percent if you include transferring out)
Federal loan default rate: 0 percent
Most popular major: Associates degree – arts