Gregory Davis defied barriers of race, blindness, label of mental disability to earn doctorate

Gregory Davis received his GED from CPCC and went on to earn a doctorate. An incredible  educational  fete for anyone,  a heroic accomplishment for Gregory Davis!

Gregory Davis’ cane clacked down the narrow halls of Bellefonte Presbyterian Church in Harrisburg, testing the path before him. When he took off his sunglasses, both eyes revealed the brilliant blue fog common in people whose sight was lost long ago.

Davis might never have seen his path, but he has felt each obstacle, from the moment he encountered it to the struggle to climb over it.

He was born in Harlem in 1951; his twin brother died at birth. His mother died 11 years later. When his grandmother brought him to Charlotte, the experts quickly agreed he would be better suited for the N.C. School for the Blind and Deaf in Raleigh.