CPCC Dental Students Help Provide Low-Cost Care At the CPCC Pelton&Crane Dental Clinic

FOX News covered the wonderful service provided by the CPCC dental students, CPCC instructors and staff dentist at the CPCC Pelton & Crane Dental Clinic.

“Some people come in and they haven’t been to the dentist in 20 years. They really needed that help and we were able to provide it so I enjoyed it a lot,” said Alena Goncharov, Central Piedmont Community College dental hygiene student.

Goncharov is one of many students that provided free dental care at the convention center last Friday.

Her joy… providing dental service, sometimes daily, as part of the dental hygiene program at CPCC.

“The students are getting their hands-on training to prepare them to go into offices, but the community benefits because they’re able to come in for cleanings, x-rays as needed, fluoride treatments,” said Judy Qualtieri, CPCC Dental Hygiene director.

All those procedures in one visit cost 20 dollars. The clinic wants their price to be reasonable for the uninsured and underprivileged. Watch video