Central Piedmont Community College Wins Entrinsik’s Business Intelligence Award

On October 1, 2013, members of the Administrative Information Systems Team, Penny Harter, Mike Hinson and Kara Bosch received on behalf of Central Piedmont Community College the Informer Business Intelligence Award presented by Entrinsik. During their presentation, the group shared examples of the wide spread adoption by CPCC faculty and staff of the Informer reporting tool and the cost savings to the college as a result. Details of the award can be viewed at : http://www.entrinsik.com/company/article/entrinsik_announces_winner_of_the_bi_use_case_awards


What is Administrative Information Services? Who are these people?

Do you use Ellucian’s (formerly Datatel) Colleague? Document Imaging? Use Informer or BB Analytics (formerly I-Strategy)? Do you use Web Advisor? Then we are the folks for you…

AIS includes the system support staff which keeps student registration running, employee payrolls functioning, student grades/attendance posted, documents flowing through workflows and reporting tools functioning.

The Teams:

Our Commander and Chief: Laura Temples, Executive Director

System and Finance Team: Ben Diel, Andrew Horton, Eric Malmberg, Gaurang Doshi

CIS Team (Student):Susan Hunter, Director; Wayne Lewis, Charlie Cox, Charles Cox (part-time)…and the new guy…Cray Hill

Cray Hill joins the CIS Team


Colleague Training Center/Reporting Team: Kara Bosch, Director; Penny Harter, Mike Hinson